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We supply all of our customers with only the highest quality tree surgery. Together we’ve completed even the most complex of jobs which may seem impossible to the naked eye. We’ve been around a while, so you can trust us to take care of all your troublesome garden problems – we’ve probably done it before!

Take a look at the services we offer, if you can’t find what you need – get in touch! Chances are we can do it, but we also know of a subcontractor or two!


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Multiple plant removal leaving the site clean and tidy if required.

Trim living trees and other plants to create more light and safer trees.

Tree surveys allow the landowner to minimise the risk of damage caused by trees in their care and ensure they are meeting legal requirements.

This is often the last stage of tree removal, the process involves the removal of the ground level stump left behind from the tree felling process.

The removal of dead, dying or deceased wood or from previous pruning operations.

The removal of branch tips, pruning back to a point further down the branch to reduce the overall size of the tree.

This process involves the reduction in size of the hedge to your preference.

What Our Clients Say

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Sarah H Mold, Flintshire

Nick and the team tidied up my garden in just half a day, so happy with the result!

Mike F Buckley, Flintshire

Woodworks built a new decking area for my garden, I won't hesitate to use them again!

John P Mold, Flintshire

Had a few trees removed from my land, the work was carried out safely and professionally