Our Service

From removing excess branches to digging out an annoying stump, our tree surgery service is flexible enough to meet a wide range of requirements, all available at a competitive price. 

We carry all our own equipment needed for the job which is regularly serviced so you can relax safe in the knowledge that your trees and garden will be well looked after.

Site Clearances

Multiple plant removal leaving the site clean and tidy if required.


We trim living trees and other plants to create more light and safer trees.

Dead Wood Removal

The removal of dead, dying or deceased wood or from previous pruning operations.

Crown Reduction

The removal of branch tips, pruning back to a point further down the branch to reduce the overall size of the tree.

Stump Grinding

This is often the last stage of tree removal, the process involves the removal of the ground level stump left behind from the tree felling process.


- TPO/conservation area applications
- Insurance or Mortgage Purposes

Our surveys allow the landowner to minimise the risk of damage caused by trees in their care and to comply with legal requirements.

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